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Return Policy

   ×| Description |×

    1. according to the <Consumer Protection Act>regulations,consumers have the right of hesitation with 7 days from the date of receiving the goods.
    2.To reminder,during the hesitation period, [try out]is not to be accepted.therefore,the products of returning must be in new condition,and packing completely(including the product,accessories,free gift,warranty card,original packing and all the attached documents orinformation integrity).Dthe product o not missed any accessories,do not self-dismanting nor damage the manufactory boxes.Manufactory packing and boxes are considered as a part of the product.missing,damage or lack of parts might influences your return policy.The refurn might be posibily discounted depeneds on the conditions.   
    3. Some of the products are customized goods,therefore no return nor exchange is available,we hope your understanding. 
    4.if the requirement of replacement is due to personal factors,besides the exchange of difference products and the price different will be charged,the returns shipping postage is not on our responsibity.

    ×|returns and refunds requirement descriptions|× 

    1.The returns must be required [within 7days from the date received].Please contact our customer service consultant for the details (you may leave a message or E-mail or call our service hot-line)。
    2. the products need to be completed[new condition(un-used)].Including the products and accessories,including the free gift、warranty card、the manufactory packing and its documents or the information integrity.<If any despreciation caused,the repair costs will be charged>《refund is not available if the product is in new condition and damage》.
    3.After the returning case is opened,please send the goods packed as manufactory,send it back with the receipt included to the address:( DREAM GLASS ART CO.,LTD ) No. 32, Ln. 72, Lide St., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Please keep the tracking receipt safely.
    4. ※Attention※Within 15 days from the date of returning case is opened,if cannot be contacted,the products did not returned causes the returning case could not be completed,the returning case will be closed automatically,and may not be applied again.

   ×| the description of the returning packing |× 

    1.Please do not stick any shipping label directly on the packing of the product,repacking it with wrapping paper,box or envelope,to avoid the damage of the manufactory packing and boxes,it might infliences your policy.
    2.Please label clearly on the returning product with:name,phone number,order number,address to facilitate the return job inquiries.
              3. Please mail us or call us for return. E-mail: mws22226568@gmail.comservine hotline:(02)2222-6568