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Membership Policy

×| Membership System |×

1. Each purchase of Dream Glass Art will leave a record of purchase. It is recommended that everyone apply for membership in order to check order records and accumulate points in the future.

Second, new members enjoy ** 100 yuan shopping gold ** (The system will automatically discount, only for use once).

Third, each time coupons are used, they can only be used in a single volume and cannot be used in combination with other coupons.
Fourth, after joining the membership, will become a permanent member, no time limit.

V. Website consumption accumulated NT. 20000 can be directly upgraded to VIP
VIP Member = All-in-Class Non-Distribution 5% Discount = Unlimited Use Period
Web site elimination class accumulated NT. 50000 can be directly upgraded to VVIP

VVIP member = 10% discount for all items in the entire hall = unlimited use period

×| Points accumulated|×

Starting in 2018, the cumulative number of pauses