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Purchasing notice

×| About the products |×
1.The products of Dream Glass Art are all handmade, therefore there will be a slightly different sizes,and sometimes will get the sign of the handicrafts,although they are maybe not perfect,but they are unique.So everyone, please think twice before you purchase,buy it if that can be accepted,thanks~

2.Due to the glass bead is very small and sensitive thing, therefore looking it under the indoor light,darker light or sunlight,the glossiness,brightness,and the saturation of the colorfulness will be slightly different~

3.All the pictures are captured with the bead that you will be received,but due to everyonr's screen color is different,therefore the actual product might be slightly different color, 


×| About the payment    |×

currently,Dream Glass Art provide three payment methods


1.ATM transfer :  
               CTBC Bank* 
 code: 808 account number:1160-940-009621

PS. Please complete the payment within 1day ( 24hours )   ~
if  the   time   is  over  ,   do  not  keep  the  order!

2.Online Credit Card payment ( allpay  )     --- please select Credit Card ( Allpay ) option

3.International payment / Paypal  (can be selected Credit Card ( Allpay ) option too) / Alipay 

 * Paypal : Please leave a message!
* Alipay : Please leave a message!


×| About the Shipping |×

For the overseas friends,you also can purchased happily,the additional shipping cost will be required,please apologize for any inconvenience when the period of waiting for the postage cost valuation!!
* ** if there is additional postage requirement,we will inform Paypal,the product will be shippied once the payment completed !  

1.registered post,postage60NT within Taiwan  /  home delivery, postage 88NT postage / DHL ,to be calculated

3.convenience store pickup / postage 60NT   ( the payment need to be clear before shipping,collocation with family mart convenience store,seven-eleven convenience store,outside the island area is not available) 

precautions |×

1.Due to the fraud group is raging,Remind you not to operate the ATM as instructed by others.Please contact with Dream Glass Art customer service if you encounter any problems or doubts.

2.「preorder product」will be shipped together with the stock.